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Maxillaria Tenufolia, the coconut orchid

My first time getting this orchid to bloom! It smells just like coconut. Love it! There is one flower and one bud, but hopefully more to come. I didn't even know this was getting buds until I looked today and it was already blooming!

Blooming Basil

Dischidia Ruscifolia

Hoya Carnosa

This hoya originally came from my great grandma 25+ years ago in Seattle. My grandma took clippings from her, my mom took clippings from my grandma in Alaska, and I just took clippings from my mom and brought them to Florida. A multi-generational hoya :) It rooted very quickly and is now growing like a week in this humid weather. The new growth starts out very dark (see above), then lightens up.

Brassavola Nodosa

This orchid is also called "Lady of the Night" because it only smells at night when it's blooming. And it smells just like J├Ągermeister!!

Huernia Zebrina aka "Life Saver Plant"